Drysch not only had to tune out thousands of fans

At a charity golf tournament in August, Boston-based health care industry executive Jeff Barton was given the chance to sink a hole-in-one for $1 million. He wasn’t able to practice — his name was drawn out of a hat just minutes before the contest — so all he could do was try to keep himself from feeling overwhelmed.

The odds of making the shot: a whopping 12,500 to 1. Every one of the 132 players there  Links of London Sterling Bangle  — including his boss, an executive vice-president at his firm — was watching.

“I was incredibly nervous when they announced my name,” he said “But once I got out there, I took a deep breath and felt a sense a sense of calm. I just wanted to have fun.”


He sunk the ball and won the money.

“I looked at my boss and said, ‘I think it went in’,” he said. “His mouth was wide open.”

Windfall economics

If you do win, that monetary windfall can  Links of London Sterling Bracelet    change your life.

Drysch was nearly penniless when he found out about his $75,000 shot opportunity. The day before the competition, his bank had called — his account was overdrawn. The money allowed him to pay off his bills and although financial advisers would always recommend saving some found money for a rainy day, Drysch said he spent the rest of the winnings in two months.

For Barton, his prize money will arrive in yearly $25,000increments for the next 40 years. He has already invested his first cheque in an education savings account for his children and plans to   links of london sterling charms  save each lump sum.

Tinner told reporters that he wanted to move out of his parent’s basement and into his own place. Newell told his local newspaper that he planned to use some of the money to travel to Australia to watch — what else — a cricket match.


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