Obama discusses deal with Netanyahu

U.S. President Barack Obama tried to ease the close U.S. ally’s concerns on Sunday, calling Netanyahu to discuss the deal.
White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Obama focused on conveying a key point:   links of london bracelet The United States remains committed to closely consulting with Israel throughout the negotiations with Iran.
The roughly 30-minute conversation between the two leaders was a “useful discussion,” Earnest said.Nike Free Run+ 3 Women Peach Green

“The President underscored that the United States will remain firm in our commitment to Israel, which has good reason to be skeptical about Iran’s intentions,” the White House said in a statement describing the phone call.
Obama also stressed that the United States and Israel share a common goal, making sure Iran never obtains a nuclear weapon.
Kerry: ‘Very little relief’ for Iran
Kerry argued that the deal will make Israel safer by freezing some Iranian nuclear development and removing its stockpile of uranium enriched to 20% purity.
And he said the sanctions part of the agreement is hardly a links of london friendship bracelet   boost for Iran.
“There is very little relief. We are convinced over the next few months, we will really be able to put to the test what Iran’s intentions are,” Kerry told CNN chief political correspondent Candy Crowley.
The deal says that the U.S. will provide $6 billion to $7 billion in sanction relief — just a drop in the bucket compared to the roughly $100 billion in foreign exchange holdings that are inaccessible to Iran because of sanctions, the White House says.
Iran insists its nuclear program is purely for civilian purposes, with no long-term goal of developing a nuclear weapons arsenal.
But such assurances haven’t quelled sharp skepticism from Israel.
“If in five years, a nuclear suitcase explodes in New York or Madrid,” said Naftali Bennett, the Israeli    linksoflondon sterling silver charm  minister of trade and industry, “it will be because of the agreement that was signed this morning.”
Shimon Peres, Israel’s president, sounded a different note.
“This is an interim deal. The success or failure of the deal will be judged by results, not by words,” Peres said in a statement.
“I would like to say to the Iranian people: You are not our enemies, and we are not yours. There is a possibility to solve this issue diplomatically. It is in your hands. Reject terrorism. Stop the nuclear program. Stop the development of long-range missiles. Israel, like others in the international community, prefers a diplomatic solution.
“But I want to remind everyone of what President Obama said, and what I have personally   links of london necklace  heard from other leaders. The international community will not tolerate a nuclear Iran. And if the diplomatic path fails, the nuclear option will be prevented by other means. The alternative is far worse.”


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