Finding the right combination of hard skills and intangibles

When Rob Bell was a high school senior in Marlboro, New York, he got a visit from legendary Atlanta Braves baseball scout Paul Snyder. Bell was one of the top major league baseball prospects in the United States and he expected Snyder to talk up the Braves and how much Bell should be pitching in  linksoflondon Atlanta someday.

Instead, Snyder pulled out a board with a pie chart. On it, 75% was coloured blue, 25% was red. Snyder explained that the 25% represented the measurable things about a young player – mostly easily calculated statistics

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Bell was one of the rare ones to have that fortitude. Drafted by the Braves, Bell had a 14–year career, playing for four major–league teams including the Cincinnati Reds and the Texas Rangers.    discount links london necklace But most recruits lack the guts, Bell said, a key component of that all–important 75% of Snyder’s pie chart.

It’s like that in hiring, too. Managers responsible for bringing in new personnel can’t rely on a recruit’s resume and past history. Instead, it comes down to an often–difficult–to–gauge combination of motivation, skill set and personality.

For many companies nowadays, hiring is seen more as a science than an art, relying heavily on personality tests and day–in–the–life tryouts. But any manager who’s recruited regularly knows that, even with those tricks, hiring remains perhaps the business world’s biggest gamble. Successful hiring relies on both science and intangible qualities.

To avoid pitfalls, hiring managers should rely on three factors, said Jeff Keener, president  links of london sterling charm   of Black Bear Consultants, which assists companies with human resources needs.

The most important factor is passion. It’s not just that the candidate is excited about the job but she has shown demonstrable evidence of this passion. Perhaps the candidate revamped her previous role or restructured her department. How she describes those changes – passionately or workmanlike — is an indicator of whether the recruit will bring true excitement to her new role.

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