The NK government already burned all the labs

Lim claimed that his group had stockpiled one ton of North Korean meth in the Philippines “(b)ecause we already anticipated this thing would happen . . . (with the result being) we cannot bring  adidas springblade women out our goods right now.”
According to prosecutors, Shackels was an intermediary for a test run with samples of the North Korean meth. The samples tested at 98% and 96% pure, prosecutors allege.JEREMY SCOTT INSTINCT HI SHOES

Stammers, Shackels and Alexander agreed to provide security for another test run, using a shipment of tea leaves, to check delivery channels to Thailand. From there the drugs would be repackaged and shipped to the United States, according to prosecutors.
According to court documents, Alexander, who was a leader of an Outlaw    adidas originals shoes  Motorcycle Club chapter in Thailand, would lead an armed crew of Outlaw members to provide security for shipments.
In September, Lim and Reyes Peralta traveled to Thailand to meet with the DEA undercover informant to finalize their deal to sell 100 kilos of the North Korean meth. All five men were arrested on September 25 by Thai authorities, who called it one of their biggest international crime cases.

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