Riding away from the river and out into the open countryside en route to my overnight stop in the village of Kamouraska

As I got closer to the village, designated one of the most beautiful in Quebec, I saw similar statue down by the water’s edge, this one featuring two figures huddled together. The riverside duo stood arm in arm, pointing east, where I was heading. It felt like a good omen.
The next morning I quickly covered another 45km, following Route Verte 1 northeast to the   links of london sweetie bracelet on sale  small riverside port of Rivière-du-Loup, and caught a boat out to Brandy Pot Island. “Some say the name comes from the time of prohibition in Canada, when smugglers used the islands,” said guide Greg Gionet as we circled the island, watching for seals basking on rocks. “But the name dates further back. When the first navigators came here, there were lots of holes that rain water gathered in and over time it turned the colour of brandy or whisky.”Nike Free Run3.0v4 Men Yellow Grey

I stayed overnight in the 150-year-old Brandy Pot Island lighthouse, which was vital to the safety of fur, lumber and other trade ships travelling on the treacherous and rocky river. In the days before automation, the lighthouse keeper had to stay up all night tolinks london jewellery     keep the lights burning.
Built in 1851, the lighthouse was abandoned in 1964 and fell into disrepair until a local company turned it into a three-room B&B in 1989. It is now a listed Federal Heritage Building, and the island is a protected wildlife reserve, home to breeding and nesting guillemots and razorbills.


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