The exhortation moves easily from a discussion on joy as a requirement for evangelization

Evangelii Gaudium is difficult to summarize, so wide-ranging is it. Ironically, something that would at first appear to be a narrow topic – how to spread the Gospel today – offers Francis the latitude to address many topics in his trademark open style. The exhortation moves easily from a discussion on joy as linksoflondon bracelets     a requirement for evangelization, to how “personal dialogue” is needed for any authentic invitation into the faith, to the difficulty of being a church when Catholics are “warring” against one another, to the need for priests and deacons to give better homilies, to an overriding concern for the poor in the world – the last being a special concern of the Pope.

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To that end, some will be surprised that Francis champions an idea that has lately been out of favor: the church’s “preferential option” for the poor. “God’s heart has a special place for the poor,” the Pope says. But it is not enough simply to say that God loves the poor in a special way and leave it at that. We must be also vigilant in our care and advocacy for them. Everyone must do this, says the Pope.

“None of us can think we are exempt from concern for the poor and for social justice.” And in case anyone misses the point, after a critique of the “idolatry of money” and an “economy of exclusion,” linksoflondon bracelets    the Pope says: “The Pope loves everyone, rich and poor alike, but he is obliged in the name of Christ to remind all that the rich must help, respect and promote the poor. I exhort you to generous solidarity and a return of economics and finance to an ethical approach which favors human beings.”

What’s more, this does not mean simply caring for the poor, it means addressing the structures that keep them poor: “The need to resolve the structural causes of poverty cannot be delayed.”

This joy and confidence needed to tackle these challenges – both inside and outside the church – is rooted and grounded in a deep relationship with Jesus Christ. Without that “personal encounter” with Jesus trying to spread the Gospel is useless. We must have what he calls a “constantly renewed experience of savoring Christ’s friendship and his message.”

Most Catholics will, like me, read the letter with enthusiasm. But some Catholics have criticized the Pope for trying to change too much in the church – even though no dogma has been altered. A few   linksoflondon Catholics are not only beginning to critique him, but even worse, fear him. Change seems to be something to fear. As one of my Jesuit friends used to say, playfully, “I’m against change; even change for the better!” But the church must change if it is to grow – not in its core beliefs, but in the way that it lives out and shares those beliefs.

My advice to Catholics would be: Read the entire document. Take your time. Be generous with it. Let it excite you. Pray with it. And be open to the Holy Father’s call to “embark upon a new chapter of evangelization marked by this joy, while pointing out new paths for the Church’s journey in years to come.”

Finally, as Jesus said, “Fear not.” We can change the way we do things in the church – the spread of the Gospel demands it. So be confident in God’s desire for the church to grow and change. Besides, as Francis says, “Nobody can go off to battle unless he is fully convinced of victory beforehand.”

At one point, Francis uses a famous quote from Pope John XXIII, who noted   discount links london necklace at the opening of the Second Vatican Council that many doubted things could change for the better. Too many people at the time – 1962 – were predicting doom and disaster for the church and for the world. But John disagreed. “We feel that we must disagree with those prophets of doom who are always forecasting disaster.”

‘3D’ display lets you touch real world

The flat display shows your caller’s upper body, talking away. But below this their hands and arms reach up out of the tabletop into the physical world, gently lifting a small red ball off the table and passing it from one digitally-recreated hand to the other.
It’s the work of the inFORM Dynamic Shape Display: a tabletop covered in miniature  energy boost on sale   white squares that rise up like towers, to turn digital content into physical objects. Used in conjunction with a 3D sensor, like Microsoft’s Kinect, it can capture a person’s physical appearance and reproduce it in tiny skyscraper-like “pixel” blocks — on-the-fly, anywhere in the world.NIKE AIR MAX 1 WOMEN ORANGE

Essentially it’s very similar to those kind of pin toys that you might know from museum novelty stores
Daniel Leithinger, MIT
“Essentially it’s very similar to those kind of pin toys that you might know from museum novelty stores,” explains MIT’s Daniel Leithinger, part of the Tangible Media Group behind the inFORM.
To add color to the block shapes, a projector on the ceiling beams down light, turning the towers psychedelic hues as Leithinger demonstrates the table’s capabilities.
It also has a deeper purpose — communicating an extra layer of information from the sender   adidas jeremy scott  to the receiver on the other end: “When you move your hands, not only do you have the shape of the hands, but you also see the color, the texture of the hands,” says Leithinger.
ATF test shows 3-D gun in action Man uses 3-D printer to make duck’s foot
Leithinger shows off a couple of the table’s party tricks: sculpting a model car from the blocks, coloring it in, and video-chatting about it with a colleague — allowing them both to get hands-on with the model, regardless of physical distance.
The display doubles as an active controller, allowing a user to interact with 3D menus constructed by the table by moving the little red ball.
“It’s not real 3D because we can only push up and down each one of these pins,” says Leithinger. “We can’t push them sideways or have any other control over them at the moment — we usually call this affect ‘2.5D'”
Even so, the inFORM’s remarkable capabilities seem to given some users big ideas. “A lot of   jeremy scott originals men comments we get are like — ‘Oh, it’s like a super power’,” he laughs.
They say it feels like being X-Men nemesis Magneto, he explains — suddenly having the power to manipulate the world at a distance, just with a wave of your hand.

Mother Superior Agnes-Mariam Of The Cross walks with people fleeing the rebel held suburb of Moadamiyeh

Mother Superior Agnes-Mariam of the Cross has thrust herself into the role of go-between and publicist, arranging cease-fires, organizing pro-government media trips and conducting  free run 3.0v4  speaking tours as perhaps the country’s most prominent critic of the uprising against President Bashar Assad.
Anti-government activists scathingly call her “Assad’s nun” for claiming a chemical attack that killed hundreds was exaggerated, and for saying rebels used kidnapped babies in massacres that were blamed on Syrian forces.Gel Noosa Tri 8 T306n Black Grey

She is so despised by the opposition that even acts of seeming goodwill are criticized, such as arranging a rare truce that allowed thousands to leave a blockaded town.
Supporters see her as a brave truth-teller, and she reflects the fears of many Syrians who worry that hard-line Muslim rebels trying to overthrow Assad will make life intolerable for Christians and other minorities.
The nun insists she is not an Assad propagandist, describing his family’s decades-long hold over Syria as a “tumor,” but she saves her harshest criticism for the rebels.
“The rebels presented themselves as the doctor who will remove this tumor,” she said in  nike free run 2  a recent Skype interview. “They imposed arms as a treatment, and it is killing Syria.”
Agnes-Mariam, 61, was born Fadia Laham in Lebanon to Palestinian Christian refugees. In the social upheaval of the ’60s, Laham was a self-described hippie and trekked to Nepal on what she called a spiritual journey that led her to Catholicism.
She moved to Syria two decades ago, establishing a new order within the Greek Catholic Church, The Unity of Antioch, and founded the St. James convent 55 miles (90 kilometers) north of Damascus.
The nun was skeptical of the 2½-year-old Syrian uprising from the start.
She claimed much of the footage of anti-Assad demonstrations posted to social media networks was faked, along with video of Syrian forces beating and killing protesters
The Syrian government heavily restricts foreign reporting on the fighting. But Agnes-Mariam   nike free run women  organized pro-government media tours, using her connections to obtain visas for journalists.
During a January 2012 tour, French TV reporter Gilles Jacquier was killed in a mortar attack in the city of Homs. Officials said he was killed by rebels, while reporters accused the government. Agnes-Mariam said she was unfairly blamed.

Premature baby steroids ‘may raise risk of ADHD’

The drugs are often given to pregnant mothers at risk of a premature birth to help the baby’s lungs prepare for life outside the womb.

The study, in the journal PLoS One, showed there was a higher risk of attention  nike free run sneakers disorders at age eight.

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The charity Bliss said it reinforced the need for regular health checks.

Being born too soon can lead to long-term health problems and the earlier the birth the greater the problems.

One immediate issue is the baby’s lungs being unprepared to breathe air. Steroids can help accelerate lung development.

However, the study by researchers at Imperial College London and the University of    nike 3.0 v4 running shoe  Oulu in Finland showed the drugs may also be affecting the developing brain.

These are really important and lifesaving drugs. These findings shouldn’t affect clinical practice and parents shouldn’t worry”

Prof Vivette Glover
Imperial College London
They compared what happened to 37 premature children whose mother was injected with steroids with 185 premature children, of the same weight and gestational age, who were not exposed to the extra dose of steroid.

When the children were followed to the age of eight, there was a higher incidence of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. No difference could be detected at age 16, but this may have been due to the small size of the study.

Prof Vivette Glover, of Imperial College, told the BBC: “There is an increase in risk, but    nike 3.0 v5  most children are not affected.

“These are really important and lifesaving drugs. These findings shouldn’t affect clinical practice and parents shouldn’t worry.”

She said the findings backed up previous research on stress, anxiety and depression in pregnancy affecting the child.

Those conditions increase levels of cortisol and may be having a  nike free 4.0  similar effect on the developing brain as glucocorticoid steroids had in this study.

Will Ukraine turn to EU or Russia?

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The decision by Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych to halt a significant trade deal with the EU has sparked mass protests in the capital Kiev, and the free run 3    prospect of improved relations with Russia.

Russia has been accused of exerting heavy economic pressure on Ukraine to reject the EU’s economic advances.

JFK assassination a collective memory for American children

“It was a little different back then. Kennedy and his wife, Ethel, rode in the back of an open truck,” Obama said at the state house in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania in July. “The Secret Service has me and Michelle inside a fortified limousine. We call it ‘The Beast.’ As Kennedy’s truck made its way through  links of london sterling charms   the crowds, he picked up two boys and let them ride alongside them. The Secret Service doesn’t let me do these things.”
Leary also pointed to other present-day protocols, including covered arrivals and departures, extensive use of magnetometers and separation from the media, many of which were instituted after the March 1981 assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan and designed to increase the safety of America’s presidents.Friendship Bracelet Navy and Pink

For agents who receive months of extensive training, historic events like those targeted attacks on Kennedy and Reagan serve as moments from which to learn. Leary said agents “learn from all incidents” to improve upon protective operations, which extend beyond the commander in chief.
JFK still found everywhere Did Lee Harvey Oswald act alone? Kerry reignites JFK conspiracy theories
5 things you might not know about JFK’s assassination
Former presidents, their spouses and children were added to the protected list in 1965, major candidates and their spouses in 1968, foreign heads of state in 1971 and the coordination of special  discount links of london  events like inaugurations in 1998. The extensive vetting process of presidential site visits, known as “advance,” has also grown. Leary described the advance protocols as “comprehensive” and said they include close cooperation with state and local officials surrounding everything from the president’s arrival at the airport to the motorcade route. It’s a process, about which the president references, most recently, at least publicly, at a June fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee in Miami Beach.
“Opening up your house is a big deal on any occasion. When you’ve got Secret Service and everybody else running around, moving furniture, potentially bumping into that painting that’s probably worth a lot of money … that makes you more stressed,” Obama told Democratic donors. “So can you all please move away from the painting? Just wanted to make that point.”
And just as often, a more serious tone from the president about his protection is expressed.
“As president, I get to meet and work with a lot of extraordinary law enforcement officers   Links of London Sterling Necklace  every single day, from men and women who protect me and my family — the folks in the Secret Service — to local police who help out on motorcades in events around the country,” Obama said at a Top Cops ceremony at the White House in May. “I’m incredibly grateful that all these law enforcement officers are doing such outstanding work.

Obama discusses deal with Netanyahu

U.S. President Barack Obama tried to ease the close U.S. ally’s concerns on Sunday, calling Netanyahu to discuss the deal.
White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Obama focused on conveying a key point:   links of london bracelet The United States remains committed to closely consulting with Israel throughout the negotiations with Iran.
The roughly 30-minute conversation between the two leaders was a “useful discussion,” Earnest said.Nike Free Run+ 3 Women Peach Green

“The President underscored that the United States will remain firm in our commitment to Israel, which has good reason to be skeptical about Iran’s intentions,” the White House said in a statement describing the phone call.
Obama also stressed that the United States and Israel share a common goal, making sure Iran never obtains a nuclear weapon.
Kerry: ‘Very little relief’ for Iran
Kerry argued that the deal will make Israel safer by freezing some Iranian nuclear development and removing its stockpile of uranium enriched to 20% purity.
And he said the sanctions part of the agreement is hardly a links of london friendship bracelet   boost for Iran.
“There is very little relief. We are convinced over the next few months, we will really be able to put to the test what Iran’s intentions are,” Kerry told CNN chief political correspondent Candy Crowley.
The deal says that the U.S. will provide $6 billion to $7 billion in sanction relief — just a drop in the bucket compared to the roughly $100 billion in foreign exchange holdings that are inaccessible to Iran because of sanctions, the White House says.
Iran insists its nuclear program is purely for civilian purposes, with no long-term goal of developing a nuclear weapons arsenal.
But such assurances haven’t quelled sharp skepticism from Israel.
“If in five years, a nuclear suitcase explodes in New York or Madrid,” said Naftali Bennett, the Israeli    linksoflondon sterling silver charm  minister of trade and industry, “it will be because of the agreement that was signed this morning.”
Shimon Peres, Israel’s president, sounded a different note.
“This is an interim deal. The success or failure of the deal will be judged by results, not by words,” Peres said in a statement.
“I would like to say to the Iranian people: You are not our enemies, and we are not yours. There is a possibility to solve this issue diplomatically. It is in your hands. Reject terrorism. Stop the nuclear program. Stop the development of long-range missiles. Israel, like others in the international community, prefers a diplomatic solution.
“But I want to remind everyone of what President Obama said, and what I have personally   links of london necklace  heard from other leaders. The international community will not tolerate a nuclear Iran. And if the diplomatic path fails, the nuclear option will be prevented by other means. The alternative is far worse.”